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Dale G. Simpson, Ph.D. - Vitae

Academic History:

Professional Interests:

Professional Experiences:

Jan. 1988 - present
Private Practice Family Life Counseling Services, Inc., Ocala, Florida
Sept. 1980 - Dec. 1987
Clinical Director and Psychologist Family Life Counseling Services, Bryan, Texas
Sept. 1979 – Aug. 1980
Psychology Internship Austin State Hospital, Austin, Texas, Twelve month American Psychological Association approved clinical internship.

Publications and Professional Presentations:

  • Larson, R.D., Barber, S.B., & Simpson, D.G. (1984, May) Integrating Psychology and Christianity: A Training Model for Practitioners. Paper presented at the Annual Convention of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies.
  • Mauger, P.A., Simpson, D.G., & Adkinson, D.R. (1979, August) The Assertiveness and Aggressiveness of Affirming Christians Versus Nonreligious Persons. Paper presented at the Eighty Seventh Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association.
  • Mauger, P.A., Simpson, D.G., & Adkinson, D.R. (1978, November) Religious Orientation and the Self Report of Assertiveness and Aggressiveness. Paper presented at the Seventh Annual Clinical - Community Workshop. University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland.
  • Simpson, Dale G. (1987, November) Conducting Outcome Research in an Outpatient Setting. Paper presented at the Annual Convention of the Texas Psychological Association. San Antonio, Texas.
  • Simpson, Dale G. (1985) Worry. Baker Dictionary of Theology. Walter Elwell (Ed.) Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Simpson, Dale G. (1985) Anxiety: A Review of Major Theories and a Critique. In David Benner (Ed.), Baker Encyclopedia of Psychology, Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Simpson, Dale G. (1985) The Sixteen PF. In David Benner (Ed.), Baker Dictionary of Psychology, Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Simpson, Dale G. (1984, May) The Interpersonal Behavior Survey: An Improved Alternative to the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis in Marital Counseling. Paper presented at the Annual Convention of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies.

Offices Held:

  • Past President - Brazos Valley Psychological Association, Texas (1986).

Licenses Held:

  • State of Florida Licensed Psychologist #PY3944
  • Formerly licensed as psychologist in Texas (1982-1989)


(between 1974 and 1978)

  • Behavior Therapy and Christianity by Edwin Halstead and Richard Hagen
  • Clinical Use of the MMPI by Paul Mauger
  • Covenant Therapy by Donald Tweedie
  • Developmental Counseling and Psychotherapy by John Powell
  • Eriksonian Psychology and Christianity by Calvin Malefyte
  • Human Neuropsychology and Epilepsy (Halstead-Teitan Battery) by C. Dodrill
  • Judaism and Mental Health by Rabbi Meyer Weiner
  • Private Practice in Christian Counseling by Donald Tweedie
  • Psychiatry and Christianity by Quentin Hyder
  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy from a Christian Perspective by Alphonse and Rudolph Calabrese
  • Psychotherapy and Christian Private Practice by Lawrence Crabb, Jr.
  • Research in Religious Orientation by J. Ronald Fleck
  • Sexual Enrichment at The Summit Medical Center
  • Sexual Therapy and Enrichment from a Christian Perspective by Clifford and Joyce Penner
  • Transactional Analysis - A Christian Workshop by M.J. Hanaford and Illa Mahr
  • James Kilgore, supervisor; Nine month AAMFT approved family therapy training. September, 1976 - May, 1977.>
  • Miriam Smith, M.D., instructor; Six month advanced seminar on treatment strategies with major psychiatric diagnostic groups.
  • James Mallory, M.D., instructor; Six month course on psychiatric diagnosis and psychopathology.

Biblical Studies

  • Theological Foundations - Protestant Religious Thought
  • Hermeneutics
  • Biblical Theology
  • Systematic Theology

Courses Integrating Psychology and Theology

  • Integration Seminar I - Human Spirit and Holy Spirit
  • Integration Seminar II - Psychology of Christian Growth
  • Integration Seminar III - Depression: A Christian Viewpoint

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