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Our Commitment

Many problems result from attempts to meet legitimate needs in ineffective or inappropriate ways. Drs. Dupere and Simpson help clients grow emotionally and meet their needs through healthy means. You will find a confidential, professional, and personal setting in our office which allows you to make the changes you seek.

We provide quality services from a Christian perspective, upholding the worth of every person. Psychological services from a Christian perspective integrate a Christian view of personality and life with the scientific study of human behavior. Our Christian worldview enriches and informs our therapy and relationship with the client.

As Christians, we believe the ultimate answers to the questions of life lie in the person of Jesus Christ. We work comfortably with those who do not share this view and, using sound psychological treatment, eagerly help people regardless of their beliefs.

Our Doctors

Dr. Dale G. Simpson, Ph.D., Psychologist

Dr. Simpson is diversely trained in counseling psychology and theology. He has extensive experience with clients suffering from depression, anxiety, ADHD, problem adoptions, and chronic medical conditions. Dr. Simpson is also a popular speaker and author of two books relating to family education.

Dr. Simpson is a Licensed Psychologist in Florida, PY3944.

Dr. Simpson's Curriculum Vitae

Dr. David P. Dupere, Psy.D., Psychologist

Dr. Dupere's many years of diverse training and experience in psychology and theology have helped him develop a model of treatment which addresses emotional and spiritual issues. Dr. Dupere specializes in marriage and family therapy, and works extensively with individuals who are experiencing problems with depression and anxiety.

Dr. Dupere is a Licensed Psychologist in Florida, PY4752.

Dr. Dupere's Curriculum Vitae

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